Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bedtime O_o

In the darkness of the night
I laid in bed, my soul afright
But I dared not make a sound
For I feared I would be found

So I came up with a plan
I jumped up and ran!
I shot out of bed
And ended up dead!

I should not have moved
Yes, the stories are all true
It all isn't just a dream
I now know, for it happened to me

A creature grabbed my foot
I am long gone, you see
No one knew where to look
Nor would they ever believe

I give you this warning: Beware
You have good reason to be scared

This advice I give to you
Whatever it is that you do

Stay out of darkness
Turn on the light
For you are helpless in the night

So please hear my words
And take heed, kind sir
Or to you this may occur

Simply remember all you have read
And believe your kid when he says
             "There's a monster under my bed"

Hope you all liked it! :)  This is one my favorites, out of all the poems I've written.

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