Friday, August 10, 2012

Little Girl

Little girl, are you sad
with tears running down your face
Do you wish you could be glad
Just find happiness in this dismal place

Little girl, are you afraid
In the silence by yourself
Are you worried in the darkness
That you might just fade
If you don't get some help

Little girl, do you feel alone
in your world without sound
Do you wish you could fly away - just go
and forever leave this ground

Little girl, what sort of life do you lead?
I don't have a clue
Do you just sit in the silence, or do you dream
of all the things you can do

Little girl, I shouldn't be surprised
That you can survive in the dark
I see a light dancing in your eyes
It's a magical fire, a beautiful spark

Little girl, It's time they understand
There's a whole world out there
You're not confined to this land

Little girl, it's true
Yes, you're young and small
But you have a life ahead of you
This isn't all

Little girl, you're different
That is all the world can see
But this doesn't mean you shouldn't
Become all that you can be

Little girl, all these things you know
Now you must get up and go
It's about time the world knew, too
There's no end to what you can do

                   - So there it is, my first post. :)

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