Saturday, November 10, 2012

Alarm Clock Madness

    So it’s been a while! Life has been a little crazy with school and work and everything else that is going on. I don’t even know how much sleep per night is “normal” for me anymore! There is one thing that seems to be running my day… my alarm clock. Yep, my alarm clock. You see, most people just have a normal alarm clock. It just beeps, or maybe it even plays the radio. Some people even plug their iPod or phone into speakers, and voila! An alarm clock is made. But, not me. I did have a normal alarm clock once, when I was still living at home. I guess it was a good alarm clock, but I wouldn’t personally know because it woke up everyone in the house except for me! You see, I have a hearing loss. A MAJOR hearing loss. Nothing wakes me up! My mother was my alarm clock for most of high school, and I feel sorry for her, because I am NOT a happy camper in the morning! So when I was finally sick of making my mother go crazy every morning, I finally decided to get a new alarm clock. I looked online and decided to buy a $40 alarm clock that would supposedly be enough to wake me up. It was a risk, but hey, I was desperate! Turns out, it was the best investment I’ve ever made. Now, this isn’t your normal run-of-the-mill alarm clock. No, it is far too cute for that. This baby is something you’d expect to find in a catalog displaying an 11 year old girl’s room. It is bright pink with multicolored digital numbers and - as if that isn’t enough - it is also shaped like a heart! But don’t let that fool you. This is no ordinary baby… err, alarm clock. Sure, it looks cute and innocent, but it is evil. This thing is not a “baby”, it’s a flippin’ alien here to make sure that humans never sleep in again! - I love it! :D

 The thing sounds like a police siren is going off right by your head. It is SO loud. In addition, I can change the pitch and volume on the alarm AND there is an attachment that vibrates. So way down the road when I am “I-can’t-hear-a-flippin’-thing” deaf, at least the vibrating part will wake me up! Funny thing about this alarm clock, though… it terrifies me every morning! After my first week of having the daylight scared out of me every morning, I had an epiphany. If this crazy thing is loud enough to scare a hard of hearing girl in the morning, it would definitely be enough to make anyone else freak out! So, my new plan: unplug my friends’ alarm clocks and put mine in place of it. In the morning, these people will freak out and jump so high! … I may even have to make a video montage of it! But, in the meantime, I will just have to settle with this video of one of my old roommates playing a song on my darling, evil little alarm clock. ;)

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