Monday, March 11, 2013

"The 'What' Count"

Have you ever noticed how many times people ask "what?" every day? It's actually rather common. Sometimes it's the husband who is "listening" or the little kid who doesn't understand what is going on, and sometimes it's just too darn loud to hear what's being said!

Now that's how it is for normal people. For those of us with a hearing loss, it's an entirely different story. You see, I can be listening as intently as I possibly can and still not have a clue what someone says! You don't believe me? You think I just have selective hearing? Try going a day wearing super thick earmuffs over your ears or earplugs - and more power to ya! Fair warning: those around you will either be really amused or super annoyed!

You see, being hard of hearing, makes it much more difficult to understand what is being said.  I say "what" more times in a single day than most people do in a week! It's crazy! It was actually starting to really get on my nerves until I met another hard of hearing girl who had the best idea ever. What, pray tell, is this idea - you may ask? It's "The 'What' Count". 

How would one play this game? Easily! Simply count how many times you ask "what" in a day. Whoever says it the most wins! ... or loses. I guess it depends on whether you wanna be deaf or not ;) And if you don't have any hearing issues, you can make your own version of this game! Say you're a teenager in middle school - then you can go hang around a bunch of 7th or 8th grade girls and count how many times they say "like" or "OMG!". Go to a highschool in Provo, Utah and count how many times you hear people say "flippin". Do whatever you want! Just remember to keep it clean :P  and good luck!

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